Sep 09, 2014

Mark and Pam Testimonial

One week after my mother-in-law came to live at to our house she took a fall. She recovered at a rehab facility, but was never the same. We struggled with yet another decision, how can I keep working? We needed help and professional care giving was the only answer. Sending my mother-in-law to a facility away from family was not an option. I called Gladden Home Care right here in Lombard to inquire. We were nervous about strangers coming into our personal space, naturally! We interviewed an excellent candidate with the agency, great fit! She is still the main companion 2-1/2 years later. We do have alternatives available at Gladden, so she is always cared for. We feel we made the best choice keeping her out of a nursing home, keeping her in the family household with Gladden Home Care as our support. I would not hesitate recommending Gladden Home Care to families in this same situation.”