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In-Facility Assistance

Today, your loved ones are able to remain safely in the comfort of their own home, and with higher quality “one-on-one” or personal care, due to the extensive training and assistive equipment available today. Doesn’t your loved one deserve that and more?

Some families have already made the decision to enter a loved one into a facility, but find themselves or their loved one disappointed by the level of care provided. Gladden is asked many times to provide personal care assistance and/or act as an advocate on the client’s behalf. The facilities where we can accommodate care may include:

  • Assisted living facilities
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals

Your family may require this “in-facility” assistance care for the following reasons:

  • Post-operative care
  • Convalescent care
  • Long term care
  • Personal care assistance
  • Critical care
  • Hospice care

It is no secret that these facilities are all understaffed. Illinois law only requires only one (1) caregiver to every twelve (12) patients. Most facilities are operating outside of that rule, with a 1-18 ratio, or are asking a caregiver to work double shifts due to staff illness or vacations, etc. Too many of our elders are suffering at the hands of poorly managed facilities, and unlike in-home care your loved one and your family have no choice in who is providing the care based on skill or any other factor.

Hiring a caregiver to provide care or act as an advocate for a loved one residing in a facility offers peace of mind that your loved one is receiving the proper care they deserve and require. We can also offer assistance with personal care in assisted living facilities if the client lives in an independent apartment. Doesn’t your loved one deserve one-on-one care, with no waiting?

Assisted living facilities were intended to be a community where independent seniors could live among and socialize with people their own age. They wouldn’t have to worry any longer about home maintenance or mowing the lawn. These facilities were never designed to service people with personal care needs due to medical conditions. They were not meant for wheelchairs and walkers.

Nursing homes were designed to care for those with medical conditions, but even though they are equipped to care for advanced needs, they fail in their efforts to provide safe, quality care due to understaffing of personnel, and unlike “in-home” care, your loved one and your family have no choice as to who is providing care.