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The Family Room

We utilize the latest technology to communicate with our caregivers, clients and families. With our web-based care management system, The Family Room, staff and authorized family members can access a secure website each with an individual user name and password to see tasks completed for their loved ones, and hear a voice message about how their loved one is doing on a daily basis. This allows transparency of care along with “real time” supervision and case management.

It’s never been easier to stay connected and coordinate care. Even if family members live hundreds of miles away, they obtain peace of mind by having the information so accessible.

Below are sample caregiver comments or examples of what information you and your family might hear on a voice message:

The physical therapist came today and Mary walked 50 feet using her walker and without my assistance. She ate an entire sandwich for lunch and had chicken with broccoli for dinner, and pecan pie for dessert, which she really enjoyed. I put in a load of laundry about 6:00 pm. Around 7 o’clock, we began her bedtime routine. She took almost all her makeup off herself. I set her hair and applied lotion to her legs…” — Christine

“…This morning Alice and I played chinese checkers and she won. She then had her lunch and took her afternoon meds. We worked some of her physical therapy exercises and then she did her breathing treatment and worked her vocal exercises ….”   —  Linda