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The Founder

Hi, I am Jeanette Cesaretti, Founder and President of Gladden Home Care, LLC. I would like to share my background with you and illustrate my passion for in-home care.

My philosophy and holistic approach to in-home health care has been significantly influenced by my 20+ years working in the healthcare fields of rehabilitation, exercise, nutrition and chiropractic medicine, and the personal time spent with my elder clients throughout the years.

When the desire came to open my own home care agency, I vowed to become an educator and resource for my clients and their families, and to operate the agency with a “boots on the ground” management style—staying in contact with clients, families and caregivers on an ongoing basis to improve the overall care. I immediately implemented online access to the “Family Room”, our online resource for family members. This valuable tool creates transparency of care, helping family members stay connected with their loved ones care no matter where they live or travel. Our Gladden families love it!

We are entrusted with the task of assisting with the most intimate aspects of a person’s being and yet through my time and experiences in the industry, I had heard and seen too many agencies and healthcare facilities alike, allowing untrained and unskilled personnel to care for the elderly and disabled. I vowed to maintain a strict competency assessment and training policy at Gladden Home Care to insure the best and safest techniques and methods were being used with my clients.

Also, I can personally relate to my clients’ and family caregivers’ concerns. When my father came to live with my husband and I, we were happy to help and keep dad with family yet no one had prepared us for the life changes and challenges that lay ahead— the freedoms that would be lost and the time and effort it would take. It indeed was like having a small child again, someone totally dependent on you for food, shelter, clothing, etc. However, unlike a child who grows to become independent within a few years, my father was actually regressing to infancy-like dependency, counting on us for every need and aspect of his life from his personal care to his finical affairs.

I live it, both personally and professionally. This very experience makes me love what I do and allows me to see and understand things from both the client and family perspective. I grasp how overwhelming it can feel to take care of someone else’s needs and responsibility on top of your own, and I understand how your loved one feels as if they have become a burden to the family.

Elder care has been the most gratifying career opportunity of my life. I am rewarded daily by being able to offer living assistance that provides independence, dignity, and an improved quality of life to our elders and disabled, as well as peace-of-mind to the family members.