Feb 26, 2017

Overcoming Resistance

Accepting help with personal care or daily tasks can be very difficult for our elderly loved ones. You must first begin to understand what is causing the resistance and how to encourage cooperation.

Your loved one may be worried about losing their independence, giving up their privacy, losing control over their lives, changes in their daily routine, accepting personal care from a stranger or close family member, or about the cost of care.

These thoughts can be frightening, and make them feel vulnerable or angry. They may also be experiencing guilt over becoming a burden to chilren or other family members.

It can be very challenging and frustrating to deal with the resistance, especially when you know that your loved one needs care for their safety, health and well-being. Try this approach:

  • Put your loved one’s feelings first! Resistance comes from a feeling of loss.
  • Ask questions rather than issuing commands. Let them express their opinions and perspective.
  • Discuss your fears for their safety! Let them know that because you love them you want to know they are safe.
  • Ask for help from someone whose opinion they respect outside the family, a friend, a pastor, or their doctor.
  • Involve your loved one in the decision making or care planning.

GLADDEN HOME CARE® offers FREE third-party facilitation services. Let us help you begin the “talk” and turn the resistance into agreement…