Nov 12, 2017

Living Longer, Aging Well

We all know that the aging process will inevitably bring on changes in our bodies. This is
still a difficult reality to accept. Age related issues will arise such as dementia and incontinence, or conditions and disease brought on by genetics, the environment or lifestyle choices. You become more prone to accidents, such as falls due to imbalance or immobility.

Due to advancing healthcare technologies and improved surgical techniques we are living longer. Conditions and diseases that were once debilitating or even fatal are being treated with new medications.

We are living longer, but just living isn’t the answer. We all want to live with the same quality of
life that we once enjoyed. Your independence, dignity, freedoms and creativity are all still important to you. You may need help getting around or taking care of yourself, but that doesn’t mean that your quality of life should suffer.

Aging in place at home is the healthiest choice you can make. Studies show that staying with friends and family, surrounded by the people and things you love offers huge health benefits, by improving mind, body and spirit. In addition to the higher quality, individual care that in-home

care provides, you can enjoy the activities that you like to do, not what someone else decides!

Gladden Home Care ®

Professional caregivers are standing by to assist you. Don’t let the effects of aging keep you from enjoying
the things you’ve always loved. Reaching out for help is the answer…