Apr 02, 2018

Healthy Eating at any Age

Proper nutrition is important at every stage of life. Our food provides the energy and nutrients we need to stay healthy, and eating well can help to prevent disease.

Do you find yourself saying:

“Food just doesn’t taste the same anymore.”

“I can’t get out to go shopping.” “I’m just not that hungry.”

It can become harder for older adults to follow through on smart food choices and maintain good health due to some common problems…

  • Tired of cooking or eating alone
  • Problems chewing your food
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Food tasting different or loss of taste
  • Physical problems that make it hard to hold eating utensils properly
  • Loss of appetite or depression

Remember to drink plenty of fluids, especially water for proper hydration, and get plenty of natural fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables. Choose a variety of healthy foods and do your best to avoid or eliminate empty calories from your diet like chips, soda, and sweets.

Keep your foods safe by dating left overs and paying attention to the expiration dates on food in your cupboards and refrigerator.

ASK FOR HELP! If you find that you can no longer get out to do your own shopping or need help with meal planning or preparation GLADDEN HOME CARE® has experienced caregivers who would love to help…